Renovation with Beautiful Marble Stone Slabs in Toronto: What You Need to Know About Home Insurance

Renovating with Beautiful Marble Stone Slabs in Toronto: What You Need to Know About Home Insurance

Beautiful Marble stone slabs in Toronto are an extremely popular choice for home renovation projects across Toronto. They are being used as countertops, floors, fireplaces and in many other areas of the home. Many don’t realize that they should call their insurance company both before and after home renovations to ensure that the renovated house is still covered by the original insurance policy.

Installing Marble Slabs in Your Toronto Home

For high quality installation, it’s important to call an experienced professional. Such an elegant, expensive material deserves to be installed correctly so that it will raise the value of your home.
Often, labour is almost half of the cost for installation when it comes to installing marble slabs in Toronto. That makes it tempting to do it yourself when it comes to installation. If you’re determined to install your marble yourself, look at free classes offered at big box hardware stores. You can find a class about installing tiles and grout or working in specific rooms. Let the instructor know that you’ll be working with marble so that any challenges or tricks related to the stone can be discussed.
Working with large marble slabs, like countertops or fireplaces, is difficult. The first challenge is the sheer weight of marble. You’ll need many friends just to pick it up. Since marble is a soft stone, you will have to be careful. You don’t want to bang it against a wall or drop it. Even if the surface it hits is okay, there’s a chance that you will damage the marble itself. The money you save on self-installation will be lost if you need to search Toronto to find the perfect marble slabs for replacing the originals.
Keep in mind that some marble countertops are under a warranty that requires professional installation. Installing it yourself will void the warranty.

During Your Toronto Renovations

Before you start your hunt for the perfect, beautiful stone marble slabs in Toronto for your Toronto home, it’s important to call your insurance company. It’s possible that your insurance policy may not cover your home during your renovations, especially if you won’t be living there while the work is being done. This is because problems like backed-up sewers or a leaking roof may not be noticed quickly, causing serious damage and a larger claim. A temporary change may be needed for your policy.
Also ask to see your contractor’s updated Certificate of Insurance. It should have your address on it. This proves that the worksite is insured during the renovations so that if a worker is hurt, the contractor’s insurance will cover it.

After the Renovations

If you’ve made temporary changes to your home’s insurance policy, call in to notify your insurer that the job has been completed. If you’ve completed a small project and just added marble tiles or inlays, it’s still important to call your insurer.
Marble is a luxurious and elegant addition to your home. It increases your home’s value, so it should be included on your insurance policy. That way, if you need to make a claim, your beautiful marble can be replaced.
If you are adding beautiful marble stone slabs in Toronto to your Toronto home, call your insurance agent to ensure that your investment is covered during and after the renovations.